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Note: In my professional community, some of full-text refereed conference articles have very low acceptance rates (listed for each relevant article), are widely read, and have a professional impact that is comparable to journal articles.




  • Jensen, L., Garrison, T., Carruth, D., Bethel, C. L., Durst, P., Goodin, C., (July 2016). “Initial Performance Assessment of a Control Interface for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Operation Using a Simulation Platform,” Presentation at the 7th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE2016). Orlando, FL, USA. July 27-31, 2016.


  • Garrison, T., Jensen, L., Cagle, L., McGinley, J., Carruth, D., Bethel, C. L., Goodin, C., & Durst, P., (July 2016). “Conducting a Prospective Review for Enhanced Interface Features for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Operation.” 7th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE2016). Orlando, FL, USA. July 27-31, 2016.



  • Downs, D., Comer, T., Archibald, C., Bethel, C. L., Goodin, C., Durst, P., “Enhanced Simulation Techniques for the Automatic Evaluation of Vehicle Designs.” Presentation at the SAE 2016 World Congress and Exhibition in the Modeling and Simulation of Military Ground Vehicles (IDM201) track. Detroit, MI, USA. April 12-14, 2016.



  • Bethel, C. L., Carruth, D., Garrison, T., and King, R., “Robot Needs Assessment and Issues Discovered from Tactical SWAT Team Exercises,” Presented at NATO CSO STO AVT-241/RSM-022 Technological and Operational Problems Connected with UGV Application for Future Military Operations. Rseszow, Poland. April 20-22, 2015. (not publicly available)








  • Groom, V., Srinivasan, V., Bethel, C., Murphy, R., Dole, L., and Nass, C., “Responses to Robot Social Roles and Social Role Framing.” Presented at The International Workshop on Collaborative Robots and Human Robot Interaction track at The 2011 International Conference on Collaborative Technologies and Systems (CTS 2011), Philadelphia, PA. May 2011.







  • Bethel, C. L., Hall, L. O., and Goldgof, D., “Mining for Implications in Medical Data,” presented at 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2006), Hong Kong. August 2006.


  • Dick, S., Bethel, C., and Kandel, A., “Are Software Failures Chaotic?” in 2002 Annual Meeting of the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society Proceedings, NAFIPS. June 2002.

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Full Curriculum Vitae for Cindy L. Bethel as of 10/25/2021. 

Final Dissertation - Robots Without Faces: Non-Verbal Social Human-Robot Interaction.







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