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Dr. Cindy L. Bethel

My Philosophy

It is only when we are willing to explore beyond our perceived limitations that we can achieve our unlimited potential.

I am honored to be elected to serve on the Computing Research Association (CRA) National Board of Directors (2020-2023) and on their Government Affairs Committee (2021-2024). 


Was awarded an NSF grant titled: "CHS:Large: Collaborative Research: Participatory Design and Evaluation of Socially Assistive Robots for Use in Mental Health Services in Clinics and Patient Homes" with Selma Sabanovic and Jennifer Piatt from Indiana University
09/01/2019 - 8/31/2023


I have been working since 2011 with the integration of robots with tactical teams. We are making an impact and the officers are becoming more accepting of the possibility of using robots in their responses. Here is a link to a video of some of our work. 

We are just about completed with the second version of the Therabot prototype. We are currently adding in new sensors and response behaviors. We expect to post a video soon on the Therabot website. User studies are expected to continue this fall.

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